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GE Healthcare debuts fixed X-ray system, Definium 656 HD

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | August 03, 2022
Definium 656 HD
GE Healthcare has launched its next-generation fixed X-ray system, Definium 656 HD, designed to automate and simplify the radiology exam process.

The overhead tube suspension scanner automates its position in the room to speed up exams and reduce manual tasks, while still producing quality images and avoiding the need for repeat scans.

It is designed to be a "personal assistant" to the technologist, allowing them to spend more time with patients, according to Tanya Lancaster, general manager for fixed X-ray at GE Healthcare. “While addressing some of the key challenges the technologist and radiologist face, Definium 656 HD can help improve department efficiency along with staff and patient experience,” she said in a statement.

Technologists, radiologists and radiology administrators often deal with heavy lifting, repetitive motion and long hours due to the increasing caseload of X-ray exams. This puts them at risk for musculoskeletal disorders and raises repeat and reject rates as high as 25%.

Definium 656 HD’s AutoRad software reduces these manual steps and clicks, while its 5-axis motorization and auto-positioning eliminates the need for personnel to move and position the system. Additionally, the tube head console has a 12” touch screen for automated in-room workflows.

The scanner’s Intelligent Workflow Suite utilizes 3D camera technology to generate consistent images to prevent the need for repeat scans. Anatomical details are captured and enhanced with artificial intelligence available on its Helix 2.2 advanced image processing software and with the use of GE’s 100 um FlashPad HD high-resolution detectors, regardless of dose, patient positioning, field of view and metal.

The system also has Auto Image Paste at the table and wall stand, which, along with its AutoSpine software, enables fast, precise stitching of long images. And its VolumeRAD Digital Tomosynthesis technology produces multilevel image slices that provide additional diagnostic information.

“This new offering enables healthcare providers to benefit from the highest levels of motorization, automation, assistive intelligence, and advanced applications offered to date in GE Healthcare’s fixed X-ray portfolio,” said Lancaster. “Not only does this system provide optimal image quality, but it can also reduce the physical workload for technologists and streamline the overall exam workflow.”

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