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RaySearch integrates workflow, treatment planning, with Leo Cancer Care's upright radiotherapy solutions

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 20, 2022
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Leo Cancer Care's Upright radiotherapy and proton therapy solutions will be integrated with RaySearch's workflow and treatment planning softwares. (Photo courtesy of UW Health)
RaySearch Laboratories is integrating its RayStation and RayCare platforms with Leo Cancer Care’s technologies to streamline workflow and treatment planning in upright radiotherapy and proton therapy procedures.

Located in Horley, England, Leo Cancer Care is the developer of Ruby, an adjustable chair solution that rotates the patient during image-guided radiotherapy in front of a fixed radiation beam while they sit upright. It also is the designer of the Marie particle therapy system, a solution built with the same concept for proton therapy and one that includes dual-energy diagnostic CT at the treatment isocenter for real-time adaptive therapy capabilities.

Sitting upright provides patients with a more comfortable experience than when lying down. It positions their organs in a more natural position, allowing for more precise beam targeting of tumors, while avoiding healthy tissues. Both solutions feature an upright patient positioning system and upright imaging technologies.

“The idea of upright radiation treatment is well thought out and makes a lot of sense for a very wide range of indications. I am happy that we have now taken the step to formalize the relationship with Leo Cancer Care, and I believe our technologies have great potential together.”

As RaySearch’s flagship treatment planning system, RayStation will facilitate end-to-end clinical workflow and external beam treatment planning for these solutions, offering adaptive therapy capabilities and multi-criteria optimization to ensure plans are accurate.

RayCare, a next-generation oncology information system, will also fulfill workflow needs, offering advanced features for automation and adaptive radiotherapy. It is closely integrated with RayStation.

RaySearch used images from Leo Cancer Care’s first-ever upright dual-energy fan-beam CT scanner to modify RayStation to support upright treatment planning. It even used scans taken on complementary imaging systems in the supine position.

“RayStation has had a huge impact on the world of treatment planning, and we are excited to be able to offer this new integrated solution to our partners across the globe,” said Stephen Towe, CEO and co-founder of Leo Cancer Care, in a statement.

While both of Leo Cancer Care’s solutions are currently unavailable in the U.S., the company has begun work installing the Marie particle therapy system at the University of Wisconsin, which will begin using it in 2024.

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