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Sony Electronics announces a new generation in 4K HDR 3D/2D surgical displays

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 21, 2022 Operating Room
PARAMUS, NJ — September 20, 2022 — Sony Electronics is expanding its lineup of surgical LCD displays with two versatile options, the LMD-XH550MT (55-inch) and LMD-XH320MT (32-inch). The new models can be paired with surgical endoscopes, microscopes and surgical robots for precise visualization in operating rooms, surgery centers, and training and education environments. The monitors combine detailed 4K resolution, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and Sony’s unique Local Dimming Panel Technology for improving visibility through increased control and precise reproduction of highlights and shadows, along with support for 3D and 2D. Powerful functionality includes improved picture quality to experience more contrast and far less halation of blood and tissue structures, new interface options, upgraded image enhancement technology and an integration-friendly design.

Exceptional Image Quality and Immersivity

The new displays are anchored by detailed 4K resolution imagery (3840 x 2160) that supports SD, 3D and HD upscaling. The new models use Sony’s unique Local Dimming Panel Technology for achieving high brightness[i] and high contrast ratio[ii]. They are also HDR compatible when receiving HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) signals from a compatible imaging system, selecting HLG in monitor gamma setting mode, for improving visibility through increased control and precise reproduction of highlights and shadows. The new models’ advanced LCD panel and signal processing technology support highly consistent, accurate reproduction of a wide color gamut (supporting ITU-R BT.2020).

Additionally, the monitors minimize reflected glare, achieving clear, high-contrast images even in brightly lit ORs. With the incorporation of 3D visualization in HD and 4K, the LMD-XH550MT and LMD-XH320MT are capable of increasing gradation, texture, depth of field, immersion and color expression – all of which are critical pieces of information in a surgical setting. These new monitors also incorporate upgraded A.I.M.E.TM (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer) technology for enhancing structures, colors, contrast and shadows.

Useful Functionality

With connection support for a range of inputs, including SDI (12G/3G), Display Port, HDMI, DVI-D and AC/DC input (available for LMD-XH320MT), the new displays are ideal for OR integration.

The LMD-XH550MT and LMD-XH320MT can display 3D and 2D signals in HD and 4K. Multiple display modes are supported including side-by-side, picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-out-picture (POP) or image rotation of 180 degrees (image flip). 3D PIP/POP multi-image display options include two screens with main 3D/2D and sub 2D picture, or three screens with three 2D pictures.

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