ETS-Lindgren to showcase RF shielding products and services at conferences for MR imaging and healthcare professionals

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 23, 2022 MRI Parts And Service
CEDAR PARK, Texas, September 22, 2022 – ETS-Lindgren will display innovative products and services for MRI imaging and healthcare professionals at several industry-leading trade shows in the coming weeks, including the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo, HCF 2022, from September 27 to 29 in Long Beach, California; the 2022 Healthcare Design Conference & Expo, HCD 2022, from October 8 to 11 in San Antonio, Texas; and the 60th Anniversary Fall Meeting of the Florida Healthcare Engineering Association, FHEA 2022, from October 24 to 26 in St. Augustine, Florida. From California to Florida, with a stop in Texas, ETS-Lindgren will showcase our latest products and services as well as discuss customized solutions for MRI imaging requirements.

Visit ETS-Lindgren in Booth #202 at HCF; in Booth #866 at HCD; and in Booth #114 at FHEA to learn about ground-breaking products for the healthcare imaging industry, including the EVO™ Series of MRI RF Shielded Doors plus novel accessories such as ClearShield™ S-Glass, an Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS), and a portable handheld MRI Patient Scanner. ETS-Lindgren's engineers and service support team will also be on hand to discuss the company's maintenance programs and consulting services at each of these shows.

"We just finished AHCA 2022 (Agency for Health Care Administration's 38th Annual Seminar & Expo) in Orlando, Florida, and were impressed with the level of enthusiasm and excitement about our products and services. Now we look forward to our additional upcoming shows and the chance to continue working with the medical imaging community to support not only the MRI magnetic scanner, but also the imaging staff and their patients," said Joel Kellogg, ETS-Lindgren's Global Director of Marketing. "These powerful magnetic scanners require superior RF Shielding to ensure peak performance, providing high-quality images for radiologists and their patients. We'll have a 'cutaway' model on display at each of these shows to provide an example of RF Shielded Enclosure construction for MRI facilities. Please drop by our booth for a visit as we appreciate our conversations with MRI imaging and healthcare facilities management professionals."

United Imaging: New 80-slice CT in 2 weeks w/Software Upgrades for Life

For those who need to move fast and expand clinical capabilities -- and would love new equipment -- the uCT 550 Advance offers a new fully configured 80-slice CT in up to 2 weeks with routine maintenance and parts and Software Upgrades for Life™ included.

For industry-leading MRI door technology, the EVO Series of MRI RF Shielded Doors are designed to provide reliable, low-maintenance service for use in rigorous MRI environments. To facilitate access into and out of the MRI suite, this manual door is equipped with an easy-open, lever-style handle requiring minimal force for operation. Customers who are frustrated by opening and closing their cumbersome MRI doors are relieved by the low-friction, aesthetically pleasing EVO door. With its low-profile, ADA-compliant threshold, the door facilitates effortless patient gurney transfers and easy cleaning, especially useful for surgical applications. But perhaps the most important feature of the EVO door is its acoustic performance, with Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating choices of 28, 34, 40, and 44 (49 dB of sound reduction at frequencies of concern). These ratings ensure a quieter, calmer environment near the MRI suite for staff and patients.

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