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Elekta Unity's motion management capabilities herald a new era in precision radiation therapy

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 20, 2022 MRI Rad Oncology
STOCKHOLM – Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) announced today that its MR-Linac, Elekta Unity, has received CE mark for its Comprehensive Motion Management with True Tracking and automatic gating functionalities. These support advanced motion management during delivery of radiation therapy to treat cancer. The features represent the next phase of Elekta Unity's Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) vision, which will drive efficiency and productivity and create opportunities for condensed treatment courses, fewer side effects, and improved outcomes for cancer patients.

With automatic gating, supported by Elekta's unique True Tracking algorithms, the radiation beam is automatically turned off when the tumor moves outside of the beam, ensuring treatment is always focused on the target. For the first time ever in radiotherapy, Elekta Unity's True Tracking provides continuous tracking of the 3D position of any target in real time, non-invasively and without surrogates.

This new functionality gives clinicians the freedom to choose the right motion management strategy for their patient and allows them to trust the combination of True Tracking and automatic gating to deliver doses exactly where needed. Together with Elekta's CMM developments, these will allow more patients to be treated with more precision, with no additional set-up time for the user, no hardware to install, and no major changes to processes for radiation therapy departments. These enhancements make Elekta Unity the most advanced MR-Linac with diagnostic-quality imaging on the market and herald a new era in precision radiation therapy.
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"Elekta Unity already delivers unparalleled visualization in the presence of motion, thanks to our superior 1.5 Tesla MR imaging with diagnostic image quality," says Lionel Hadjadjeba, President Linac Solutions at Elekta. "Now, with the launch of CMM with True Tracking and automatic gating, this marks an important moment in our evolution. It takes Elekta Unity's capabilities to the next level, allowing clinicians to deliver real-time, adaptive treatment in the presence of motion, anywhere in the body."

Elekta's CEO, Gustaf Salford, adds: "In line with Elekta's culture of innovation, we are proud to present the latest, most advanced motion management solution available. This is an important step on our Comprehensive Motion Management journey, one that gives patients and their doctors a new strategy in managing cancer. But we will continue to accelerate innovation. . Working with the Elekta MR-Linac Consortium – comprising hundreds of clinicians and scientists across the globe – we will continue to innovate and develop the solutions they require to provide their patients with the very best outcomes possible."

Elekta Unity with Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) is CE marked with limited global availability.

About Elekta
As a leader in precision radiation therapy, Elekta is committed to ensuring every patient has access to the best cancer care possible. We openly collaborate with customers to advance sustainable, outcome-driven and cost-efficient solutions to meet evolving patient needs, improve lives and bring hope to everyone dealing with cancer. To us, it's personal, and our global team of 4,700 employees combine passion, science, and imagination to profoundly change cancer care. We don't just build technology, we build hope. Elekta is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in more than 40 countries and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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