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ARMRIT accepts ScanLabMR simulator studies as part of required clinical hours for MR technologist certification

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 24, 2022 MRI
ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 20, 2022 — Today, MRI simulation software leader, ScanLabMR, announced that its simulator studies will now be accepted as part of the required hours for students pursuing their MRI Technologist Certification from the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT).

To receive an ARMRIT certification, students must log at least 1,000 hours of documented MRI clinical training. With this new announcement, up to 250 of these hours may be completed through ScanLabMR’s MRI simulator.

“The ARMRIT Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept simulator studies as an equivalency for a portion of the MRI clinical hours,” said James F. Coffin, President and Executive Director of ARMRIT. “They voted to accept two (2) successful simulator studies for one (1) MRI clinical hour, up to 25% or 250 MRI clinical hours of the 1000 MRI clinical hours.”

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“The Board will be working on the details for publication in our Eligibility Requirements in the next few months,” he added. “This will only be offered as optional to ARMRIT-COA Accredited MRI Programs/Schools.”

This announcement represents a significant step forward in MRI education and training. Previously, it might have taken someone months to acquire 250 hours of in-clinic MRI training, but with ScanLabMR’s cutting-edge virtual software, they can receive the same valuable skills, knowledge, and experience in far less time and without risk to patients.

“ScanLabMR is thrilled that our industry-leading simulator studies will be used to educate and evaluate new generations of ARMRIT-certified MRI technologists,” said Matthew Hayes, President and Creator of ScanLabMR. “By making MRI education more accessible, we’re able to train new MRI technologists more efficiently so they can start assisting the many patients, hospitals, and medical facilities in need of their critical services.”

About ScanLabMR
ScanLabMR is the first ever MRI simulator that is able to quantify and assess clinical competence and scan quality. Our revolutionary virtual software replicates real-life MRI scans and clinical situations so users can experience all thoughts and practices of being at the MRI scanner, but without unnecessary safety risk to the patient, loss of revenue, and time and scheduling constraints. ScanLabMR also provides educators and managers with the tools to evaluate and quantitatively assess user performance to bring a higher standard of education and training to universities, hospitals, and medical facilities.

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