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JPI Healthcare launches CBCT DeteCT Vet solution

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 29, 2022 CT X-Ray
Chicago, Illinois, 27th of November 2022 – JPI Healthcare announced today, at the RSNA 2022 global radiology forum, the launching of its new CBCT DeteCT Vet, an integrated solution for clinics of all sizes.

JPI’s DeteCT Vet Mobile Hybrid CBCT 3-in-1 System Rad | Flo | CT was designed with image quality and performance in mind. It's easy to use, dependable and reliable.

More than a CBCT, the powerful DeteCT Vet, produces high quality CT, Fluoroscopy and Radiology images on companion animals of all sizes. A 10kW Generator, 76cm Bore Diameter and full control of kV and mA make it among the most powerful and flexible CBCTs for vet on the market. With a 76cm (~30”) opening, even the largest dogs and many exotic animals will fit inside. It provides access to the full range of x-ray from 40 to 120kV, and allows the CT techniques to be adjusted for the patient just like radiology.

Reveal 35C: spectral bedside imaging, no extra dose, now available in the EU

KA Imaging’s Reveal 35C detector, currently available as an upgrade solution in the US and selected geographies, can now be sold in the European Union. The detector recently obtained the CE Mark. Contact us at sales@kaimaging.com to book a free demo.

With a full powered monoblock generator, dynamic detector, and integrated with JPI’s cutting-edge ExamVue Duo acquisition software, the Detect Vet can provide full 17x17” x-ray images, full field fluoroscopy, video and thermal imaging, offering more imaging options with a single exam than any other CT machine in the market.

The DeteCT Vet is easy to use and learn. All aspects of the exam are controlled from JPI’s ExamVue Duo software, while controls on the machine itself allow for easy movement with a motorized option. It is compact, taking up a minimum floor space while easily maneuverable through hospital hallways, with sensors to prevent collisions. The DeteCT Vet can be plugged into a simple 220V, 15A outlet, making repositioning and installing it simple and easy..

The launching of the DeteCT Vet marks another step forward for JPI Healthcare Solutions, with
its ExamVue Duo and comprehensive radiology solutions, improving diagnostic accuracy and strengthening its presence in the radiography field.

Those interested in their new DeteCT Vet product or in the company's other radiology solutions, can visit them at the RSNA 2022 global forum, North Hall, Booth #6304, which will take place from November 27th to November 30th at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL or visit their website using the information mentioned below.

About the company
JPI Healthcare Solutions is a provider of medical equipment and cutting-edge software with advanced algorithms that can help analyze and interpret medical images.

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