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Viz.ai launches AI-powered Radiology Suite at RSNA

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 30, 2022
Health IT
Viz.ai at RSNA
Viz.ai has released Viz Radiology Suite, an AI-powered solution equipped with worklist and communication tools, at the RSNA meeting in Chicago.

In addition to prioritizing worklists and connecting care teams in real time, the solution comes with a wide range of FDA-cleared algorithms for neurovascular, vascular and cardiology-related diseases. Upon identifying a suspected ailment, it alerts the radiologist via AI-powered real-time notifications.

It also integrates with a healthcare organization’s PACS to provide users access to imaging data across departments and streamline the diagnosis process.

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Among the modalities it covers are CT, MR perfusion and automated echo analysis. It also has EKG algorithms and natural language processing capabilities.

“The workflow tools and new capabilities elevate the entire cloud-based platform with a comprehensive, patient view for all members of the care team, regardless of how they access Viz.ai,” Viz.ai co-founder Dr. David Golan told HCB News. "We have ten AI algorithms that are available on the platform plus additional capabilities from partner integrations."

The Viz Radiology Suite provides a mobile and web image viewer with AI-powered notifications directly to the worklist. Once integrated with the PACS, it can facilitate care coordination. Viz HIPAA-compliant chat also allows radiologists to use the platform to communicate with entire care teams.

The solution is expected to provide greater support for handling and increased demand for imaging studies, especially now, in the midst of the global shortage of radiologists.

“The Viz Radiology Suite offers significant value to radiologists, in particular diagnostic radiologists, who are reading and triaging through their worklist,” said Golan.

Viz.ai has also announced the creation of a Radiology Advisory Board, consisting of 14 healthcare experts with diverse experience in radiology, to assist Viz.ai in the development of strategy and products to support radiologists and patients.

Members will assess the impact of the Viz radiology program, identify clinical need for new features and modes of implementation, verify effectiveness of new capabilities, and ensure that sound scientific evidence supports projects. Additionally, the board will provide strategic advice regarding emerging science and therapeutic trends.

Based in San Francisco, Viz.ai has a customer base of 1,200 hospitals that cater to more than 200 million patients. Among its providers are large IDNs, hub and spoke networks, community hospitals and academic-based health systems.

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