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Novosound, PAVmed look to commercialize novel ultrasound sensors

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | December 27, 2022
Parts And Service Ultrasound
Novosound and PAVmed are working together to introduce a new production process for high-resolution, low-cost ultrasound sensors.
Novosound, a maker of ultrasound sensors, has partnered with PAVmed, a commercial-stage medical device company, to research and develop its technology for intravascular imaging.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Novosound uses a patented thin-film manufacturing process that eliminates challenges with traditional ultrasound sensor production, including the high cost of high-resolution imaging.

With PAVmed, based in the U.S., it will seek to illustrate that the technology can be incorporated into an intravascular ultrasound catheter and produce cross-sectional images of vascular structures with high-resolution, low-cost, miniaturized ultrasound two-dimensional arrays without traditional mechanical rotation of sensors used in IVUS catheters.

Conventional ultrasound sensors are made of piezocomposite, piezoceramic or single crystal materials, giving them a rigid appearance and poor connection to curved surfaces. Acoustic performance is also reduced at high temperatures, resulting in low-quality images. Additionally, high resolution sensors for thin walls and small defects are difficult to manufacture with traditional manufacturing.

Novosound’s process creates a printed sensor that is more flexible, has high-resolution, and can operate in high temperatures and extreme conditions. The technology was developed at the Institute of Thin Films, Imaging and Sensors at the University of the West of Scotland.

Upon achieving certain developmental milestones, PAVmed will have the option to license Novosound’s technology for use in the commercialization of intravascular imaging products.

Both companies are already planning to apply Novosound’s ultrasound technology to PAVmed’s CarpX minimally invasive device for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Novosound did not respond for comment.

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