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Researchers use AI to triage patients with chest pain

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | January 18, 2023 Artificial Intelligence X-Ray

The deep-learning tool significantly improved prediction of these adverse outcomes beyond age, sex and conventional clinical markers, such as d-dimer blood tests. The model maintained its diagnostic accuracy across age, sex, ethnicity and race. Using a 99% sensitivity threshold, the model was able to defer additional testing in 14% of patients as compared to 2% when using a model only incorporating age, sex, and biomarker data.

“Analyzing the initial chest X-ray of these patients using our automated deep learning model, we were able to provide more accurate predictions regarding patient outcomes as compared to a model that uses age, sex, troponin or d-dimer information,” Dr. Kolossváry said. “Our results show that chest X-rays could be used to help triage chest pain patients in the emergency department.”

According to Dr. Kolossváry, in the future such an automated model could analyze chest X-rays in the background and help select those who would benefit most from immediate medical attention and may help identify patients who may be discharged safely from the emergency department.

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