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MEDICA 2023 and COMPAMED 2023 on course, registration and program planning phase in full swing

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 27, 2023 Business Affairs European News
With a significant increase in exhibitor numbers and a strong growth in visitor numbers, MEDICA and COMPAMED in Düsseldorf (Germany), the leading international trade fairs for the medical technology industry and its supplier sector, were able to send an important signal of new beginnings for the market in November 2022 after months of pandemic-related restrictions. And they will carry this momentum into 2023 (both events will be held from November 13 – 16, 2023). “The rate of repeat bookings is very high, reflecting customer feedback immediately following MEDICA and COMPAMED 2022. For many companies, contact with international professional medical suppliers is of enormous importance, to give just one example. And this target group has demonstrated a renewed presence among visitors again”, explains Christian Grosser, Director Health & Medical Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf.

Christian Grosser emphasizes one particular unique characteristics of MEDICA and COMPAMED, which the over 5,000 exhibiting companies at the latest trade fairs are deeming increasingly important: “Both events with their unique mutual influence are the location where we focus on the topic of the entire supply and value chain of medical technological products – including their assembly parts and product development, aspects of manufacture, up to and including downstream services over the lifetime of the product. One factor here is business and reliable partnerships within the medical technology industry. In the face of current global political challenges, this has become very important. The necessary goal is to create a secure foundation for your own business.”

The mutually increasing synergy effects of both events are confirmed by the numbers. In 2022, more than half of the professional visitors with a primary interest in MEDICA also visited the concurrently held COMPAMED trade fair. In 2010, this figure was still around 30%.

Ancillary program to focus on trend topics

Numerous trends that currently characterize the market and its dynamics will not only be addressed by new product presentations at the two trade fairs but also by the extensive ancillary program.

One example is the growing “out-patientization” of care. The focus is on products and services for the so-called “point-of-care”, i.e. patient-oriented diagnostics and treatment, but also on telemedical applications for optimal, cross-sector networking among all people involved in the care process. Another trend is solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and supporting systems, for example robotic systems or VR/AR applications. The implementation of sustainable processes is a goal that by now has become one of the highest priorities in companies and institutions across all sectors of industry – including the health sector. This includes a holistic view of economic processes to maintain a lasting ability to compete, without a negative social or environmental impact. All parts of the supply and value chain are evaluated closely with regard to potential for optimization.

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