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United Imaging touts four new medical imaging scanners already in 2023, details to follow at AHRA meeting

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 29, 2023 Business Affairs
HOUSTON, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- United Imaging, a global leader in manufacturing advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, announced that four new scanners are already commercially available in 2023, three of them having received FDA clearance within the last 45 days.

The company said it will unveil its new scanners formally at AHRA. "We recently expanded our planned presence at AHRA this year, as well as at RSNA, and we'll also debut at ISMRM and SCCT this year," commented Krista K Stein, the company's Vice President of Marketing & Communications in the United States. "Although we're already sharing all four new imaging systems in prospective customer conversations, when it comes to the broader public launches, the industry meetings provide the best stage to do that."

Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, said that what all the new scanners have in common is that they solve for similar industry needs. "Not only for outpatient clinics but for hospitals and especially the acute care environment, today's biggest challenges boil down to staffing and budget. We invested in adding to our portfolio in a meaningful way, beyond the specs everyone talks about, to address those challenges." Specifically, he said that these new product introductions do three things uniquely well:

1. Offer investment protection through All-in Configurationsā„¢ and Software Upgrades for Lifeā„¢. For example, features that are often extra purchases from other medical imaging manufacturers are included at the time of purchase ("All-in") with United Imaging, and machines are kept modern with all new software features provided at no charge for the life of the scanner with a service agreement, including software packages released after the time of purchase.

2. Are "Born with AI," meaning that AI capabilities are designed into the products from the beginning rather than plugged on to machines after they are already developed. "This concept is pretty simple: it's akin to trying to turn a 1940's home into a smart home one appliance and outlet at a time," added Bundy. "No question that designing a home as a smart home from the beginning is going to provide a more integrated and automated result." He said the fact that United Imaging's AI-empowered solutions are all integrated with the same native intelligence, just as they have a standard interface across modalities and one software platform, is an intentional focus on making AI a part of the daily routine and everyday efficiency and not an add-on high-priced feature that is limited to the most elite customers. The company is focused on removing the old industry model that prioritizes software profit margins over improved and EQUAL healthcare for every patient.

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