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Clarius and Usono unveil wireless ultrasound scanner for assessing patients in motion

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | July 13, 2023
The solution consists of the Clarius HD3 high-definition wireless ultrasound scanner with research software and Usono's ProbeFix Dynamic device for holding probes in place.
At the European College of Sports Science (ECSS) Paris 2023 Congress, Clarius Mobile Health and ultrasound accessories developer Usono unveiled a new wireless dynamic solution for scanning and studying patients as they move and perform intense physical activities.

The solution combines the Clarius HD3 high-definition wireless ultrasound scanner with research software and Usono's ProbeFix Dynamic, which keeps ultrasound probes in place for for hands-free, stable, and reproducible ultrasound imaging during exercise and other motion-related activities. It will be the first wireless dynamic ultrasound imaging solution for sports medicine, rehabilitation, and other related fields, and can also potentially be used in hospital intensive care departments, say the companies.

They have deployed it at Michigan State University where the department of kinesiology’s Sports Injury Research Laboratory is using it to study ways for identifying the risk of arthritis following knee injuries.

"Combining the ProbeFix with the power and resolution of Clarius wireless scanners allows for greater flexibility in what you can scan and where you can scan, leading to improved possibilities for dynamic research in muscle and tendon injuries,” said Dr. Matthew Harkey, assistant professor in the department of kinesiology at MSU, in a statement.

Clarius ultrasound scanners connect with IOS and Samsung devices, allowing them to provide image quality traditionally only possible with larger, high-end systems at a fraction of the cost. In January 2022, the company released its HD3 product line, which is 30% smaller and lighter than previous Clarius scanners.

Its research software tools provide access to raw data collected internally, a gyroscope collection, a programmable interface, and custom software for performing real-time analyses anywhere.

Per their agreement, Usono will become a global distributor of Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners with research software and Usono’s probe holders. Both will also co-market the combination of their technologies.

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