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Carestream improves workflow and patient experience with novel smart assist features on DRX-Compass

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 01, 2023 X-Ray
ROCHESTER, N.Y., August 1 — New “Smart Room Assist” high-performance usability workflow features on the affordable DRX-Compass deliver a measurable increase in imaging capacity and a reduction in reject rates, Carestream Health announced today.

“The Smart Room Assist features on DRX-Compass add significant quantifiable value to the imaging process. They help streamline workflow and ease the physical stress on radiographers, while also helping to deliver more consistent image capture and improved image quality for stronger diagnostic confidence and patient care,” said Marco Riolfo, Worldwide Marketing Manager, Global X-ray Solutions, at Carestream.

During customer site evaluations using Carestream DR Smart Room Assist features, facilities experienced the following notable, measurable results:

· Workflow productivity improvements in Carestream DR Smart Room Assist can help customers increase imaging capacity by nearly 200 images per year.

· Customers realized an average reject rate reduction of 16% from their current rates.

· Customers saw an average decrease of 8.4 seconds in time to first exposure which saves them 140 minutes per 1,000 first exposures.

The package of new usability workflow features delivers faster exams and more consistent patient positioning which helps improve diagnostic confidence. Plus, optional Smart Noise Cancellation software enables customers to lower radiation dose without loss in image quality when compared to Carestream's standard image processing. Smart Room Assist features are available on both the floor mount and overhead ceiling mount configurations of DRX-Compass.

“The productivity-boosting features in DRX-Compass are essential during this time of worldwide staffing shortages in healthcare,” said Mr. Riolfo. “Additionally, the enhanced image consistency enabled by improved patient positioning can help increase radiologists’ confidence in the quality of the radiographs.”

Smart Room Assist Features:

Patient-Position Monitoring: Provides a live camera view of patients that allows operators to observe patients and their positions from the operator console. This feature allows the radiographer to observe the patient’s position and/or movement prior to acquisition, helping to avoid retakes. It also helps reduce direct patient contact for improved infection control.
Virtual Collimation: Allows the operator to adjust the collimation field from the operator console. This feature helps reduce direct patient contact for improved infection control, and helps reduce the work intensity of the radiographer.

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