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LG Medical Monitors

December 01, 2023
Health IT Women's Health X-Ray Sponsored
LG Medical Monitors are engineered to elevate patient care and physician confidence with ultra-reliable visuals for radiology and beyond.

Designed for mammography and 3D tomosynthesis, the LG 12MP IPS Diagnostic Monitor uses LG’s IPS Technology to deliver vibrant colors that make even the most delicate details visible. With a contrast ratio of 1,500:1, focus view mode for examining specific parts of an image, and pathology mode for viewing virtually the same level of color and detail as seen under a microscope, this monitor delivers stunning clarity and supports enhanced analysis of every scan.

The LG Digital X-Ray Detector (Model 14HQ701G) renders full images in seconds, while being wrapped into a lightweight carbon-fiber and magnesium body for ultimate durability and portability. Plus, its long-lasting battery supports extended operating times of up to 7.5 hours for patient care.

These powerful diagnostic display solutions act as a second set of eyes for radiologists and physicians—offering extraordinary image clarity that brings out even the smallest detail. To bring this cutting-edge display technology to your hospital, clinic, or lab, request more information today.

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