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DocGo partners with main line health in Philadelphia to provide medical transportation, to collaborate on remote monitoring

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 04, 2023 Patient Monitors
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DocGo Inc. (Nasdaq:DCGO), a leading provider of technology-enabled mobile health services, announced today that its Ambulnz subsidiary will provide medical transportation service to Main Line Heath’s five-hospital health system in the greater Philadelphia area. The three-year medical transportation contract solidifies Ambulnz’s position as one of the largest medical transportation providers in the Philadelphia metro area. Ambulnz estimates that it will provide transportation to more than 12,000 Main Line Health patients annually as part of this contract. With this expansion, Ambulnz expects to transport more than 75,000 Pennsylvania patients annually. Ambulnz will commit an initial dedicated fleet of 10 ambulances and 8 wheelchair vans to Main Line Health’s hospitals to provide a range of transportation options.

“Through Ambulnz’s innovative service model, health systems now have transportation resources that are solely dedicated to the health system’s patient transportation needs,” said Lee Bienstock, CEO of DocGo. “Our medical transport vehicles and professional staff are available to Main Line Health when and where they are needed, and hospital staff have full transparency of location and availability through our proprietary, AI-powered ordering and resource deployment technology.”

Ambulnz by DocGo’s transportation scheduling and tracking system platform can directly integrate with hospital electronic medical records to securely streamline patient data flow. This proprietary platform also allows hospital staff, patients, and their family members to track vehicles in real-time using DocGo’s ShareLink™ technology, enabling true transparency, enhancing efficiencies and alleviating stress.

DocGo can also offer remote patient monitoring (RPM) clinical services and devices to Main Line Health’s health system network, including its hospitals, post-acute care health centers, home care, hospice, and physician networks where and when it’s needed. RPM services can be used to reduce hospital readmissions after a hospital stay or major medical event and can be used for preventative care to monitor chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and a host of other medical conditions.

“Remote patient monitoring extends the reach of our hospital partners beyond their facilities to connect with patients where they live. DocGo’s solution combines internet-connected medical devices with remote diagnostic tracking to monitor patients at home, report on key patient data insights and escalate significant changes in health status directly to physicians for immediate intervention,” said Bienstock. “We look forward to working with the Main Line Health team to develop and implement future programs that will decrease hospital readmissions and improve health and quality of life for their patients.”

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