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Comprehensive solutions from Mirion Medical at RSNA

Sponsored Content | November 13, 2023


Mirion Medical Brands Present Solutions Together at 2023 RSNA Annual Meeting

The Mirion Medical group, comprised of healthcare-focused business units within Mirion, will join within a single booth at the 2023 RSNA Annual Meeting. Attendees can visit booth 6328 (North Hall) for product updates from Mirion Dosimetry Services, Sun Nuclear, Capintec, and Biodex.

Occupational Dosimetry Solutions from Mirion Dosimetry Services


Mirion Dosimetry Services products, systems and programs provide ongoing monitoring of radiation exposure for those who are occupationally exposed, reducing the worry of radiation in their daily routines. Featured at RSNA, the new Instadose®VUE advanced, wireless personal dosimeter offers a display screen for improved user engagement, insights, and compliance. Harnessing Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology, the InstadoseVUE dosimeter enables wearers to capture dose reads on-demand, anytime and anywhere. With programmable calendar features, scheduling automatic dose reads ahead of time is easy, simplifying dose management even further. Get a demo in RSNA booth #6328.

Diagnostic Imaging QA from Sun Nuclear

At RSNA, gain insights on Sun Nuclear's extensive Quality Management portfolio for CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, and Training. Featured for CT QA, the IQphan™ phantom addresses QA across the range of specifications of different CT scanners in a single phantom, with integration into RapidCHECK™ analysis software. RSNA attendees can get a demo of how these systems work together for exacting CT imaging quality testing, with quick, consistent analysis.

Nuclear Medicine from Capintec

From dose preparation to patient administration, Capintec Nuclear Medicine solutions enhance safety and accuracy to aid potentially life-saving imaging and therapy. For comprehensive nuclear medicine measurement, the Captus® 4000e Thyroid Uptake System offers specific software modules for thyroid uptake, bioassay, wipe tests, automated QA tests, and isotope library. In addition, the CRC® line of Dose Calibrators and Well Counters allows for fast, accurate dose preparation, QC and measurement with minimal handling for optimal safety. Learn more in RSNA booth #6328.

ec² Software Solutions | Numa® Software at RSNA

Earlier this month, Mirion Medical welcomed ec² Software Solutions expanding our Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging Portfolio. You can find them at RSNA, in booth 2101. Featured for ec², Numa software provides innovative DICOM and HL7 workflow and communications solutions to meet the specific needs of nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, PET and PET/CT departments.

Medical Imaging Tables and Accessories from Biodex

Through incomparable engineering and user-focused design, Biodex products help customers deliver a quality imaging experience for years to come. The Mirion Medical RSNA booth will feature the Surgical C-arm Table-840 for cardiovascular, endoscopic, and pain management procedures. See how this table is an ideal choice when stability, access, and precise, quiet, vibration-free positioning are essential. Biodex also offers the Sound Pro™ Combination Table , which accommodates both ultrasound and echocardiography procedures, and is designed with patient and sonographer comfort in mind.

Gain insights on these products and more in Mirion Medical booth #6328 at RSNA.

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