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Portable digital radiography provider, MinXray, now offers portable ultrasound line

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 10, 2023 Parts And Service Ultrasound
NORTHBROOK, Ill. (November 09, 2023) — MinXray Inc., a key global supplier of portable, compact digital imaging equipment, has added a line of wireless handheld ultrasound technology to speed diagnosis and improve triage efficiency in medical care.

“This addition helps round out our care offerings,” says Jeanne Walter, vice president of marketing and sales at MinXray. “Our portable X-ray equipment provides high quality diagnostic imaging capabilities for evaluating injury and illness. Adding ultrasound technology to our product line allows us to deliver an additional and complimentary imaging modality for home health screening, obstetrics, evaluation of masses, blood flow velocity and a variety of other procedures, regardless of patient location.”

The ultrasound units are designed to clear common obstacles that can prevent medical personnel from providing imaging services, such as affordability, portability and image quality. This is especially important for those who work in smaller clinics or more remote locations. A single probe can provide pulse wave doppler imaging for vascular analysis and guided procedures, as well as an obstetrics management package that includes gestational age and fetal weight estimation software at no extra cost.

Multiple probe models are available providing a wide variety of capabilities for individual clinic needs. Most come with multiple scan modes, giving doctors an array of imaging options with just one device. Units do not overheat and are both compact in size and waterproof. Some units also offer 3 hours of continuous battery life. These features combine to make these portable ultrasound probes durable for use in any condition.

“For doctors who practice in rural communities and remote locations, access to a clinic or even electricity is not a guarantee,” says Mike Cairnie, director of global and military sales at MinXray. “The durability and portability of these units ensure that doctors can utilize ultrasound imaging to treat patients anywhere in the world.”

In addition to making care more accessible, portable ultrasound does not come with any detriment to image quality. The new line of MinXray probes equals or exceeds most laptop-based and many cart-based systems in image quality for high levels of diagnostic accuracy and patient safety.

These units also deliver several logistical benefits for doctors looking to incorporate them into their practice. They are contract-free and much more affordable than cart-based systems, which can be especially beneficial for smaller clinics. Live training for operators by a U.S.-based clinical expert is included with the purchase. Service and support for the device is also based in Miami, providing 48-hour or less turnaround times on technical support, system training and warranty coverage with loaners available for longer windows. Operation itself is user-friendly with an app that syncs the unit to Android or Apple devices to optimize images for display.

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