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Onboard Imaging Aids Radiation Therapy Precision

Sponsored Content | February 22, 2024

Imaging helps clinicians plan radiation therapy by identifying the exact location, size and shape of tumors. However, due to tumor shrinkage or growth, weight loss, or internal motion, the original planning image may no longer be accurate at the time of treatment, which can lead to less effective treatment and damage to healthy tissue. i

Onboard imaging was developed to remedy this problem. Because it allows imaging in the treatment position immediately before radiation therapy occurs -- rather than days or even weeks before it allows oncologists and physicists to confirm the treatment plan or adjust it to more precisely target the tumor.

Dunlee CBCT Bundles Ease Integration of Onboard Imaging in Linear Accelerators

Dunlee manufactures oncology product bundles that feature Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), the most common form of onboard imaging. ii CBCT differs from conventional CT in that it uses a cone-shaped beam, rather than a fan-shaped or spiral beam. CBCT uses less radiation than conventional CT, and does not interfere with linear accelerator (linac) movement. iii

Product Bundles Ease Integration into Linacs

Dunlee works with linac manufacturers to integrate Dunlee CBCT bundles into their systems. Because the bundle components have been tested together, they have the potential to decrease the time from development to system introduction. They may also lower the barrier to enter the linac market, which could help alleviate the shortage of therapy systems. It is estimated that by 2030, if every patient who needs radiation therapy has access to it, almost one million more lives will be saved every year. iv

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