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simonONE by SimonMed leads the total-body screening market boom with the doubling of Plus centers

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | February 14, 2024 MRI
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 12, 2024 – simonONE, the leading clinical provider of preventative whole-body screening in the U.S., proudly announces the expansion of Whole Body Plus availability nationwide, emphasizing an unwavering commitment to clinical excellence through advanced 3T MRI technology and use of multiple sub-specialized radiologists.

For over two decades, healthcare providers have entrusted SimonMed's fellowship-trained, sub-specialized radiologists with millions of studies. Every simonONE exam is evaluated by not one, but two radiologists from SimonMed’s renowned physician practice, each specializing in different areas of the body, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis.

"The simonONE is entirely centered around our clinicians. A Neuro and Body radiologist will evaluate each case, and if follow-up is needed, we have leading physicians across all specialties available, including Musculoskeletal, Cardiology, and Women’s Care,” said Dr. John Simon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "In addition, each patient meets with a simonONE provider virtually to understand their results and appropriate next steps to ensure a longer, healthier life.”
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Also at the forefront of simonONE is the exclusive use of state-of-the-art 3T MRI technology. simonONE’s 3T capabilities redefine imaging resolution and precision, providing patients with clearer, more detailed images for accurate and insightful diagnoses. The technology also enables a more comfortable patient experience due to the larger opening and faster scan times, which also allows simonONE costs to remain lower than competitors despite its unparalleled clinical offering.

This expansion also marks simonONE’s entry into major markets including, San Francisco and Houston. “The demand for simonONE’s whole body preventative screening has been exponential. We have seen first-hand how the exam can alter patients’ lives through the early identification of cancers and other abnormalities while the diseases are still treatable,” added Dr. Barry Sadegi, Chief Medical Officer.

About SimonMed
Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, SimonMed is one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers and radiology practices in the United States. SimonMed has approximately 170 sites across 11 states and over 200 subspecialty-trained radiologists. SimonMed offers the full modality of diagnostic scans, including 3T MRI, CT, ultrasound, 3-D mammography, PET/CT, nuclear medicine, DEXA, and X-rays, among others. The company uses the newest, most advanced, diagnostic imaging technologies while maintaining affordability and accessibility. SimonMed is a worldwide leader in the clinical use of AI to improve diagnoses with one of the largest global deployments to enhance early breast cancer detection and in the evaluation of brain disorders. Through its simonONE division, SimonMed is also at the forefront of personalized imaging for the early diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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