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Philips launches high-power and fast motorized mobile C-arm, the Zenition 90 Motorized

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 04, 2024 X-Ray
Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Vienna, Austria – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced the launch of Philips Image Guided Therapy Mobile C-arm System 9000 – Zenition 90 Motorized, designed to help surgeons deliver high-quality care to more patients. The new mobile C-arm with expanded capabilities is designed to meet complex vascular needs and a range of clinical procedures such as cardiac interventions, pain management and urology. Zenition 90 Motorized will be commercially available from Q2 2024. As healthcare providers strive to deliver high-quality care to patients, at #ECR2024 Philips is partnering with its customers to improve productivity and access to more sustainable healthcare.

Increased control and efficiency with automated workflows
Motorized and impressively fast, the Zenition 90 Motorized is an intuitive C-arm that allows the surgeon to control it from the table-side with user-friendly controls and time-saving features – empowering the surgeon with greater flexibility and independence. It delivers state-of-the-art image quality for the most challenging procedures and is designed to meet complex vascular needs. The system allows greater clinical efficiency thanks to its automated workflows, the image controls via the Touch Screen Module and the advanced software solutions.

“During complex procedures, it’s vital to be able to rely on surgical imaging systems. As surgeons navigate their way through challenging vasculature, the priority is to quickly visualize small anatomical details while limiting contrast use and X-ray dose,” said Mark Stoffels, Business Leader Philips Image Guided Therapy Systems. “The new Zenition 90 Motorized empowers medical teams to confidently perform a wide range of interventions while achieving the best possible outcome for their patients.”

The launch of the Zenition 90 Motorized follows the recent launch of the Philips Zenition 30 C-arm, and is the latest innovation in the renewed portfolio of the company’s advanced Zenition C-arm systems.

Data from independent usability studies of clinicians from the EU and US with hands-on experience of the Zenition 90 Motorized in simulated environments shows that 100% of users said that with the Table Side Operator, they have complete control over C-arm movements [2] and 97% report that workflow features such as Automatic Vascular Outlining will help save time during procedures [3].

As part of its commitment to sustainability and providing customers with responsible choices, Philips leveraged its EcoDesign process for the Zenition 90 Motorized to improve product life by 25% and power efficiency by 13% [4].

Philips latest image guided therapy mobile C-arm system is also available in a non-motorized configuration.

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