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Memora Health and Intermountain Health partner to scale care delivery programs

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 11, 2024 Business Affairs Rad Oncology
SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2024 - Memora Health, the leading intelligent care enablement platform, today announced a partnership with Intermountain Health to implement new innovative care delivery programs for patients of the enterprise, delivering high-quality care to more people.

This multi-year partnership will initially focus on cancer care with plans to extend across additional clinical areas over the next several years, enabling Intermountain Health to scale personalized, high-quality care, while streamlining workflows for care teams.

“The moment a person is diagnosed with cancer, their life changes. Being able to provide consistent communication with patients to address questions and concerns about their care is critical and very important to us,” said Derrick Haslem, MD, senior medical director for cancer care at Intermountain. “Memora’s technology helps our busy care teams with daily tasks and empowers them to focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality care to our patients.”

Memora’s intelligent care enablement platform uses AI to automate basic tasks for healthcare teams while proactively guiding patients through their care plans. Rather than sending patients home from a doctor’s visit with only paperwork, Memora’s conversational AI can instantly address patient questions about their treatment, medications, and side effects.

When necessary, Memora’s platform can identify complex issues and connect them to their doctor or clinical care team for more support. In this way, the technology empowers health systems to scale personalized, high-quality care while also minimizing time spent by providers on routine administrative tasks.

Together, Memora and Intermountain share a vision to scale this innovative technology to additional service lines, streamlining workflows and supporting the patient experience across the full enterprise.

As treatments evolve with the latest research and evidence base, so will Memora’s digital care programs, ensuring the highest quality of care.

“We are thrilled to partner with Intermountain Health to extend their innovative, high-quality care to more patients, while helping them adhere to care plans and receive care where it will be most effective and convenient,” said Omar Nagji, chief commercial officer at Memora Health. “Over the next several years, our platform will enable Intermountain Health to address the critical needs of patients and clinicians on complex care journeys.”

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