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Avicenna.AI secures FDA clearance for two healthcare AI solutions

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 27, 2024 Artificial Intelligence CT X-Ray

"The validations and multi-reader-multi-case studies we conducted highlighted that CINA-ASPECTS not only obtained outstanding standalone performance, but also demonstrated that its adjunctive use significantly improved clinicians' accuracy in the assessment of ASPECTS regions, compared to the conventional use of NCCT images alone," added Chaibi.

CINA-ASPECTS is the first FDA-cleared tool from Avicenna.AI in the category of computer-aided diagnosis (CADx), which means it goes beyond identifying abnormalities in scans to provide an assessment of the severity of a condition.

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"We are delighted to launch CINA-ASPECTS to the US market, marking a significant milestone as our first CADx product receives FDA clearance," said Stéphane Berger, Regulatory and Quality Manager. "We take pride in being at the forefront of CADx solutions, being the first AI company supported by thorough clinical validation and a rich repository of real-world clinical data, which ensures compatibility across all manufacturers and platforms."

CINA-iPE and CINA-ASPECTS are the latest tools from Avicenna.AI to secure FDA clearance, joining its AI solutions for medical emergencies, including automatic detection of intracranial hemorrhage (CINA-ICH), large vessel occlusion (CINA-LVO), aortic dissection (CINA-AD), pulmonary embolism (CINA-PE) from CT-scan imaging. All of Avicenna.AI's AI tools are seamlessly integrated into radiologists' clinical workflow, automatically triggering and reporting algorithm results through the systems already used by radiologists.

"After a long journey of dedication and perseverance, we are thrilled to announce the FDA clearance of not one, but two of our groundbreaking products," said Cyril Di Grandi, co-founder and CEO of Avicenna.AI. "The clearance of CINA-iPE and CINA-ASPECTS marks a significant milestone in our mission to strive for excellence in advancing patient care. These achievements stand as a testament to the unwavering commitment of our team."

About Avicenna.AI
Founded in 2018, Avicenna.AI specializes in providing healthcare AI solutions that utilize deep learning to identify, detect, and quantify severe pathologies from CT medical images. Co-founded by Cyril Di Grandi, a successful entrepreneur who previously co-founded Olea Medical, and Dr. Peter Chang, an internationally recognized radiologist, and an expert in AI and deep learning, Avicenna.AI aims to accelerate therapeutic decision-making processes and enhance patient outcomes through its AI-based radiology solutions.

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