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ScanLabMR launches new individual cohorts for MR students and technologists

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | April 08, 2024 MRI
ORLANDO, Fla., Apr. 3, 2024 — Today, MRI and CT simulation software leader, ScanLabMR, announced the launch of two new individual cohorts to help MRI students and technologists improve their scanning skills, prepare for the MRI registry, or cross-train into an MRI role.

Previously, ScanLabMR’s individual learning programs were entirely self-guided. But now, students in the new cohorts - named ScanLabMR Only and ScanLabMR + ImagingU - will have instructor support and additional tools so they can achieve their MRI goals, whether they’re learning about MRI for the first time or simply looking to refine their skills.

Participants in the ScanLabMR Only cohort will receive six months of unlimited access to ScanLabMR’s MRI simulator software plus 2-4 office hours per week with a designated instructor. This cohort is designed for anyone looking to advance their scanning skills.
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But what’s most exciting for individual learners is the ScanLabMR + ImagingU cohort. This comprehensive first-of-its-kind program gives users access to ScanLabMR plus ImagingU’s Post-Primary Pathway Certification online course, a guided syllabus, and 2-4 office hours per week with a designated instructor.

Not only does the program fulfill the post primary pathway requirements set forth by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and prepare students for the MRI registry, but it also gives users unlimited hands-on scanning practice with MRI simulation. The ScanLabMR + ImagingU cohort is ideal for students in search of comprehensive MRI education or professionals hoping to cross-train into MRI.

“ScanLabMR’s new individual cohorts allow students to take control of their learning while also receiving expert support and guidance as they need it,” said Matthew Hayes, President and Creator of ScanLabMR and ImagingU. “With access to unlimited scanning practice, we can raise the standard of MRI education across the industry.”

The next start date for both cohorts is May 1, 2024. Applications are due April 19, 2024.

About ScanLabMR and ScanLabCT
ScanLabMR and ScanLabCT are the first-ever MRI and CT simulators that quantify and assess clinical competence and scan quality. Our revolutionary virtual software replicates real-life MRI and CT scans and clinical situations so users can experience all thoughts and practices of being at the scanner but without unnecessary safety risk to the patient, loss of revenue, and time and scheduling constraints. ScanLabMR and ScanLabCT also provides educators and managers with the tools to evaluate and quantitatively assess user performance to bring a higher standard of education and training to universities, hospitals, and medical facilities.

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