GE HealthCare receives FDA clearance for Portrait VSM, building on its growing patient monitoring ecosystem

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“We remain focused on tackling healthcare’s biggest challenges and driving further efficiencies for care teams through new patient monitoring technology. To help ease the way to more confident care, Portrait VSM offers the clinical performance and capabilities that care teams can trust, so they can spend more valuable time with their patients,” said Neal Sandy, general manager, monitoring solutions, GE HealthCare. “With the addition of Portrait VSM, we are excited about this next step for the Portrait Ecosystem that was designed to support the right level of patient monitoring in observational care through a single, unified workflow.”

GE HealthCare’s Reimagining Better Health study highlighted the burden of inputting and accessing data manually, with nearly half of clinicians reporting that medical technologies at their facilities do not seamlessly integrate with each other.* Portrait VSM offers workflow efficiencies and capabilities to support hospitals and care teams in navigating current challenges they’re facing. Healthcare systems can incorporate and customize EWS protocols into the monitor view to help clinicians recognize the early signs of deterioration in patients and make timely interventions, while limiting manual calculations and transcription. To enable simplified rounding and help avoid delayed measurements, the Round Advisor feature also helps care teams manage and prioritize spot checks for multiple patients by assigning and tracking a sequence of care.

Built on a well-established history of clinical advancements, GE HealthCare’s FlexAcuity monitoring solutions are engineered to adapt to rapidly changing patient needs. GE HealthCare’s technology has been recognized globally for its design, receiving the iF Design Gold Award for Product Design in 2022 for Portrait Mobile and an iF Design Award in 2023 for CARESCAPE Canvas.

For more information on Portrait VSM and GE HealthCare’s family of Portrait monitoring solutions, please visit:

*Reimagining Better Health survey questions addressed respondents’ general perception and experience with technology within their facilities and made no reference to any specific solutions or vendors. References in the study are inclusive of the entire spectrum of medical technology, such as medical devices, software solutions, electronic patient records and other digital workflow solutions.

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