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GE HealthCare and Medis Medical Imaging collaborate to enhance coronary assessments

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | May 16, 2024
Medis Quantitative Flow Ratio (QFR)
GE HealthCare and Medis Medical Imaging are partnering to develop and implement Medis Quantitative Flow Ratio (QFR) within the Allia interventional cardiology platform in an effort to refine coronary artery disease (CAD) diagnosis and treatment noninvasively.

While CAD is typically diagnosed via invasive coronary angiography, where clinicians visually assess angiograms to determine the necessity and approach for interventions like percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), the integration of Medis QFR into GE HealthCare's Allia Platform represents a shift toward imaging-based diagnostic methods.

Recent studies show that QFR-guided strategies improve patient outcomes by enhancing the accuracy of lesion assessment during PCIs, reducing incidences of myocardial infarction and the need for revascularization.

Medis Medical Imaging, known for its advanced post-processing software for cardiovascular images, developed QFR to analyze coronary obstructions using angiography alone. This technology allows interventional cardiologists to determine the necessity of PCI promptly, aiding in the selection of specific lesions for treatment and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions.

In a statement, Maya Barley, CEO of Medis Medical Imaging, expressed enthusiasm about advancing Medis QFR's application in routine clinical practice, highlighting the technology's foundation in a decade of AI research and its significance in elevating clinical care standards.

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