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Masimo and Cleveland Clinic enter hospital remote care partnership

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | July 02, 2024
Health IT
Cleveland Clinic and Masimo
Masimo and Cleveland Clinic have launched a new partnership to improve hospital-based remote patient monitoring (RPM), including TeleCritical Care, by integrating Cleveland Clinic’s central patient monitoring platforms with the Masimo Hospital Automation platform.

The partnership aims to enhance clinical decision-support and situational awareness for clinicians, particularly those caring for critically ill patients. It includes joint initiatives on predictive analytics and AI-based algorithms to improve cardiac care.

Masimo’s Hospital Automation platform features monitoring and wearable technologies, medical device integration, systemwide applications for data visualization, and AI capabilities for intelligent patient prioritization. The platform's Halo engine identifies deterioration patterns in multiple physiological parameters in real time, with tools like Halo ION providing continuous early warning scores.
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Cleveland Clinic’s existing central monitoring platform continuously monitors vital signs, including ECG, for ICU and non-ICU patients, serving more than 2,000 beds across 11 hospitals.

“We are truly honored to have the opportunity to partner with Cleveland Clinic to advance patient care. By harnessing Masimo’s AI-powered decision support tools, automation solutions, and monitoring devices, alongside Cleveland Clinic’s vast clinical expertise and dedication to providing the highest-quality, most innovative care, our partnership has the potential to significantly ease staff shortages, better standardize care, and promote intensivist- and specialist-led care," said Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo. "Ultimately, we will make significant strides in shifting from reactive to predictive and proactive care — improving patient outcomes, safety, and quality of care across the board.”

This partnership seeks to bring these innovations and patient benefits to other healthcare systems in the future, enhancing situational awareness and proactive responses to patient condition changes, ultimately saving lives.

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