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Inaugurating DOTmed Certified, DOTmed Blacklist & DOTmed User Ratings

by John Cappiello | November 10, 2003
    DOTmed Certified lets you:
  • Do business with buyers and sellers with confidence.
  • Resolve disputes quickly through impartial third-party arbitration.
  • Lead by example, establish your credentials, let others know that you're committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct.
  • Place those who violate ethical business principles on a blacklist.

    DOTmed User Ratings let you:
  • Rate your experiences with others.
  • Have others attest to your good practices.

You'll find more about these new features at www.DOTmed.com, and of course we welcome your questions and comments (info@dotmed.com).

Here they are in brief:

A DOTmed Certified Rating:

Will show that you've made a firm commitment to ethics and professionalism.

You'll submit references which will be checked, and you'll formally agree to abide by common ethical business practices, as well as to submit disputes to a professional arbitrator. Arbitration is conducted by phone through the offices of the American Arbitration Association (www.adr.org), and is accomplished quickly (typically 45 days) and at low cost.

Because arbitration is legally binding, it is safer to do business with a DOTmed Certified user.

The Blacklist speaks for itself, of course. It helps us weed out "career crooks" as well as those who violate the basic ethical practices agreed to in our Code of Ethics, refuse to arbitrate disputes, or fail to abide by the decision of the arbitrator.

The Blacklist will be visible to dealers and end-users alike.

DOTmed Certified is available free of charge, making it the easiest and most positive step you can take to solidify your standing as an above-board business person in the industry. It is a direct response to the most common concern in online trading: Doing business with those you may never meet face to face.

DOTmed User Ratings:

This is a great improvement over the "Honest and Dishonest Forum" which, while useful, has suffered from a lack of universal standards for judging buyers and sellers.

Registered users can rate any of the more than 5,700 users in our Services Directory, based upon personal experience. Your satisfaction level is measured in 10 specific categories ranging from "Price" to "After Sales Service".

Giving a buyer or seller a good rating can put a newcomer "on the board" and reaffirm the reputation of a veteran. In either case it not only helps that party, it helps the industry by making it easier to find the "best in the business".

DOTmed Certified and DOTmed Ratings are tools that you, the users, have been telling us you need. We see them as a strong, positive step forward for all, and pledge to keep them cost-free and completely impartial.

DOTmed.com hosts almost 40,000 registered users and an average of 5200 visitors every day. More than 3000 of our daily visitors are guests on our site.

We're doing our best to listen to what our users and guests are telling us, and to what they want - as well as what the industry needs.

We always say that the measure of our success is how well YOU do. A better, safer, more informed environment in which to do business helps us all achieve the success we're working for every day.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

[ DOTmed Certified, Ratings and Blacklist ]

Thank you,
The DOTmed Team