The IDN Summit Reverse-Expo Concept Makes "Exhibitors" Out of Hospital Execs

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | February 18, 2009
IDN Summit is March 31
to April 2 in Orlando
The mission of the IDN Summit & Expo is to give IDNs and health systems the opportunity to partner with GPO and supplier organizations on an even playing field to advance the delivery of safe and cost-effective healthcare that has the greatest impact on the quality of patient care.

Creating an effective healthcare delivery system is one of the largest challenges America faces today. Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) continue to evolve to meet the challenges of today's marketplace. Whether these networks are aligned vertically or horizontally they provide the continuum of care that is essential to deliver affordable and effective healthcare. Senior executives from the nation's leading IDNs attend the IDN Summit to learn from their peers and subject matter experts the latest in strategies, policies, techniques and best practices to improve their organizations. GPO and suppliers depend on the IDN Summit to provide the understanding and knowledge they need to better partner with their IDN clients.

National Awards Program Launched

To inspire pace setting collaboration in the areas of: Logistics Management, Contract Management, Product Utilization and Strategic Sourcing between healthcare systems and their supply chain stakeholders the IDN Summit launched a new national awards program. One National Award Winner and four Peer Choice Award Winners will present their initiatives and be recognized during the IDN Summit on Tuesday, March 31. This is the first program to benchmark peer review to provide learning opportunities for leading IDNs and health systems.

Pioneering the 'reverse expo' concept the IDN Summit provides healthcare suppliers a unique opportunity to interact with leading IDNs and health systems during the event's second day. For four hours health systems host the suppliers and GPOs in their trade show booths to learn about new products and solutions that might impact their hospitals. Over 150 of the nation's leading IDN executives will participate in the upcoming Spring Summit with hundreds of their suppliers and GPO partners.

The Spring 2009 IDN Summit and Expo will be held at the Omni Champions Gate Resort in Orlando, FL from March 31 - April 2, 2009. For more information please visit