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Ethox BP Cuff Adapters Save Facilities Time and Money

by Joan Trombetti, Writer | May 12, 2009
Ethox International offers
the Surgi-Cuf® Standardization System
Increasingly affected by the global recession, hospitals are finding they are tasked with new ways to trim budgets and lower costs in all areas. Aiding hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers in this goal, Ethox International offers the Surgi-Cuf® Standardization System to help facilities save money, reduce inventory and promote compatibility facility-wide.

The Standardization System equalizes an entire facility using one non-proprietary NIBP connector, saving staff time in the search for compatible cuffs and monitors. In addition, by allowing for one dedicated cuff per patient, the potential for cross contamination is minimized as the patient moves throughout the facility.

Standardized on a bayonet connection, Ethox B cuffs reduce inventory by using only one connector style throughout the facility. All Ethox adapters meet EN 1060, AAMI/ANSI SP9/SP10 and AHA guidelines and are latex free.

About Ethox International, Inc.

Ethox International, Inc. is a subsidiary of Moog Medical Devices Group providing the medical device and pharmaceutical industries with integrated OEM design and manufacturing, sterilization, toxicology, analytical chemistry, microbiology and Ethox branded pressure infusers, patient positioners, BP cuffs, gastric lavage, instrument holders and wound irrigation. Ethox distributes more than 80 Ethox branded medical products in almost every country in the world. Ethox is the only contract manufacturer and Life Science service provider able to offer one source for all your medical and pharmaceutical needs worldwide. For more information, visit www.ethoxint.com.