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Prostate Vaccine Succeeds in Phase I Trial

by Lynn Shapiro, Writer | June 09, 2009

Breast/Ovarian Cancer Trial

Meanwhile, the company has started another phase I trial for ovarian or breast cancer patients. In that trial, Antigen is combining AE37 with another peptide that stimulates CD8 cells as well as CD4 cells.

"We're stimulating the CD4 cells--considered the immunological generals--with AE37. But there's another peptide to stimulate the infantry and those are the CD8 cells," Dr. von Hofe explains.

He says the prevalence of both prostate and breast cancer in the U.S. is high. There are 186,000 new cases of prostate cancer and 28,600 men die from the disease every year. As for breast cancer, there are 180,000 new cases each year and 40,000 women die each year.

Antigen and Generex

Dr. von Hofe was assistant professor of pharmacology at the University of Massachusetts when he met Robert Humphreys, who was professor of pharmacology there before founding Antigen Express in 1995. Dr. von Hofe joined Antigen Express in 2003, with a mandate to bring drugs from the bench to the clinic. Antigen was purchased by Generex (which trades on Nasdaq) the same year. Dr. Humphreys has since retired.

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