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Electronics for Medical Devices Applications Event in Rotherham

by Joan Trombetti, Writer | July 06, 2009
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The Electronics For Medical Devices Applications takes place Thursday, July 23 at the AMP Technology Centre in Rotherham, UK. Organizers include Electronics Yorkshire in partnership with Medilink Yorkshire and Humber. The meeting will focus on the development and commercialization of electronic medical devices and systems.

Designed for the industry and companies that develop medical devices, this event affords attendees the opportunity to learn more about the electronics developments across different health care applications and markets. Insight into various health care applications and markets will be discussed during sessions that will feature case studies of core components including electronic technology challenges and solution, as well as collaborative design, development and future technologies.

Leading industry leaders from different market segments will present on subjects like assisted living and telemedicine, LED lighting, wireless sensors for pressure monitors and more.

Companies can register for the event through the website http://www.electronicsyorkshire.org.uk/event_details.aspx?id=311

Electronics Yorkshire is a not-for-profit organization supported by Yorkshire Forward and European ERDF. This event is also being supported by Electronics KTN.