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Preventing Power Surge Problems Is Key to Medical Device Operations

by Rabia Paracha, Staff Reporter | August 05, 2009

These are just two case studies that support advanced surge protection as vital to health care facilities. And if the right surge protection system is chosen, the overall savings more than cover the costs of the implementation of the new system.

Positive environmental impact is yet another benefit. By installing quality enhanced filtering protection, the life of all electronics will increase by approximately 50% and as a result of running on clean power, will reduce electronic waste or "e-waste". Extending equipment life is directly related to the reduction of hazardous e-waste in landfills. Items such as mercury lights and heavy metal circuit board electronics could contaminate the soil and eventually leach into drinking water supplies. The sustainability benefit of prolonging the life of electronics will also conserve natural resources including precious metals and rare elements.

Note: Richard McCrocklin contributed input for this report. Mr. McCrocklin is Founder and Director of Operations, CURE Medical Services.

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