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DOTmed RSNA 2012 Coverage

RSNA 2012: Top ten things you may have missed
Here's what stood out most at this year's show.
RSNA 2012: PET-CT scans reveal "chemo brain"
A new study reveals potential brain changes behind post-chemotherapy mental fogginess.
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RSNA 2012: Story time?
Dr. Richard B. Gunderman says radiologists should not forget the value of a good story.
RSNA 2012: Screening mammography rates dip 4% in older women after USPSTF guidelines
Medicare-aged population screening rates decrease slightly.
RSNA 2012: Half of patients don't know radiologists are doctors
"Part of the problem is is the polysyllabic nature of contemporary health care," study co-author says.
RSNA 2012: Women vs. men, golf and Alzheimer's
New studies based on MRI images could offer insight into how to better care for Alzheimer's Disease patients.
RSNA 2012: Siemens mammography upgrade significantly reduces dose
New software eliminates need for radiation scatter grids and extra dosage in X-ray breast imaging.
RSNA 2012: Studies find new imaging solutions for problem pregnancies
How both ultrasound and MRI can now identify trouble faster and easier.
RSNA 2012: New product features from Philips focus on the patient and workflow
Philips continues to improve its imaging portfolio.
RSNA 2012: GE seeks to silence a common MR complaint
A new technology will provide a welcome relief to patients and professionals
RSNA 2012 president: For radiology to thrive, it has to put patients first
Patient-centered care is a big theme at this year's RSNA.
RSNA 2012: Siemens to release first wireless ultrasound
Siemens unveils an ultrasound system that features a wireless transducer at RSNA 2012.
New RSNA study finds 3-D breast imaging merits 'buzz'
A new study in Radiology, and a focus at RSNA, builds the case for breast tomosynthesis.