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Hamilton General Hospital Uses a DOTmed Auction to Turn a Potential Net Loss into Significant Gain

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | January 16, 2006
Hamilton General Hospital
in Ontario
Hamilton General Hospital of Ontario, Canada, was in the midst of a multimillion dollar development project and needed to remove three special procedure suites as part of the renovation - and do it in a hurry.

This made the hospital face a common problem that confronts many healthcare facilities: they could not focus on the sale of their used equipment, even though it had considerable value, because the construction timetable had to take precedence over everything else.

And the hospital was prepared choose a common, though least-preferred option: they were willing to pay a significant amount to have the equipment removed and disposed of, and forfeit all resale value.

This story, however, has a different, much happier ending. DOTmed came in at the last minute and saved the day -- saving Hamilton tens of thousands of dollars-- and helping them earn tens of thousands more.

DOTmed worked with Hamilton's Materials Manager and arranged to have the equipment professionally deinstalled so that it could be auctioned and sold.

With just one week's notice, DOTmed handled everything and saw to it that the equipment was photographed, inventoried, crated, transported, and stored.

Hamilton Hospital then auctioned equipment on DOTmed -- with the help of DOTmed's Auction Advisory Services. About six weeks later, the equipment was successfully sold at auction for almost three times what the hospital would have had to pay just to have it removed.

What would have been a net loss turned into a very nice bottom-line gain.

Furthermore, the three special procedure suites that were auctioned have now found new homes in Chile, Argentina, and at a research facility in Canada, continuing to provide needed healthcare services.

This is just one example of how DOTmed has helped others efficiently remarket valuable used medical equipment, and this is one of the many ways that DOTmed will be pleased to help you.