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CapSite Consulting Unveils Killer App Database to Hospitals

by Barbara Kram, Editor | May 20, 2010
Health technology database
CapSite™ Consulting, has launched an online database that provides extraordinarily detailed comparisons of healthcare technology contracts and proposals.

The CapSite™ database contains data points across more than 90 different healthcare technology categories. CapSite™ offers a unique level of depth by breaking out line item pricing for each product and service. Components are additionally categorized into a breakdown of software, hardware, equipment and services for each purchase or proposal. Relevant data points are easily compared and can be searched for by date range, facility size, product category or by vendor to enable peer group benchmarking.

"Imagine a scenario: You've got a health care provider organization that is in the budgetary planning phase for a new CT, MR, electronic health record; or negotiations for a new PACS. This tool can help in planning, budgeting and negotiating," said Gino Johnson, VP at CapSite Consulting.

Johnson walked DOTmed News through an online demo of the system.

"You put in hospital parameters, for example, a 500-bed institution. Apply that filter and it recasts the graphs, average prices, and list of documents," Johnson said. "What we have is a service that provides additional levels of capabilities to do due diligence before they make that [purchase] plan, or in their budget or negotiating for that solution. We take all the data and they can benchmark the components, software, hardware, and services."

With the HITECH Act of the ARRA driving the adoption of Healthcare IT, including Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE), CapSite™ is uniquely positioned to provide transparency on healthcare technology purchases. By providing critical knowledge and evidence-based information on healthcare technology purchases, CapSite™ aims to help healthcare vendors and providers make intelligent, informed decisions with confidence.

"We are providing pricing transparency that just doesn't exist, whether in HIE or EHR," Johnson said noting some of the most significant domains of health IT data. "It's a level of detail that we don't believe has been available in the market up to this point. And we are very pleased with the traction we are getting both from the supplier/vendor side over the last year, and in the feedback we are getting in the provider space as well."

About CapSite™
CapSite Consulting is a healthcare technology research and advisory firm. Our mission is to help our healthcare vendor and provider clients make more informed strategic decisions that enable them to accelerate the growth of their business.

The CapSite™ database is the trusted, easy-to-use online resource, providing critical knowledge and evidence-based information on healthcare technology purchases. CapSite™ provides detailed transparency on healthcare technology positioning, pricing, packaging, and terms and conditions. When it comes to healthcare technology research, it helps to see all the details. Those details are now available with CapSite™. Visit capsite.com.