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Nationwide Imaging: "Taking the Next Step"

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 31, 2011

Nationwide Imaging Services Inc. is "Taking the Next Step" in their pursuit to become the most well-rounded company in the used medical imaging equipment industry. NIS has broken ground on their newly purchased land in Brick, New Jersey, and has begun construction on 30,000 sq. ft state-of- the- art warehouse.

The facility will contain many new options and features that will put Nationwide above and beyond the competition's capabilities. Some of the features that the warehouse will posses are among the most technologically advanced systems in the industry. Senior Vice President, Robert Manetta, plans to open this prestigious addition to the company in the fall of 2012 while consolidating his employees into a two-level complex. The employees will be encouraged to take advantage of new spacious offices, gym, and lounge that will make Nationwide's atmosphere a bit more interactive.

The integration of a new database will help Nationwide spend more time on other important aspects of business while the majority of their database work will be computer generated. NIS's original warehouse which is on the same piece of property will act as additional storage space for incoming inventory and a loading station.

Some aspects of the warehouse that will be enhanced are the addition of a spray booth, crane system, staging rooms, cryogen system, climate control, and machine shop. The entire warehouse will have top- of- the- line wireless networks and recorded surveillance.

Since performance is very important to us at Nationwide, the entire warehouse and office facility will be backed by a generating system to ensure guaranteed electricity power and perfect climate control. The main lobby of the complex will have a greeting area that will consist of a reception area, conference rooms, and glass viewing of the warehouse. The expansion brings excellence to Nationwide's image, job capacity, and most importantly acceleration to its overall performance. After all, "Experience Makes the Difference."

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