Survey: Most health care CEOs get company car

by Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | November 01, 2011
Although perquisites are disappearing for health care executives, for CEOs, at least, one remains: tooling around in a company-bought car.

All told, about 86 percent of health care CEOs get an automobile or automobile allowance, according to one of two new surveys released Monday by Integrated Health Strategies.

The surveys, which examine, in part, health care executive compensation and benefits, also found salaries of health system execs rose 3 percent, while salaries for execs at independent and subsidiary hospitals rose 2.8 percent.

Other findings that relate to execs:

• Median family health insurance plan premiums rose 8 percent a year for the past three years.

• Most companies pay execs a full salary during short-term disability and a little over half salary for long-term disability through various programs and plans.

• CEOs often have incentives as high as 80-100 percent of salary.

• C-suite execs get short-term incentives between 25-35 percent of salary at health care systems, but between 18-27 percent at independents.

• Senior executives generally get employer-paid, non-qualified retirement benefits, in addition to their qualified plans.

The reports, available now, were prepared by Kevin Talbot, executive vice president and practice leader, executive compensation and governance, with Integrated Healthcare Strategies.

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