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Top 6 most desirable qualities of equipment service providers

January 16, 2012
From the January 2012 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

6. Guarantee/Warranty – the service provider should offer a guarantee or warranty for the repair or maintenance performed to ensure the client is getting the best repair and support service possible; the guarantee or warranty should be in writing and describe what is covered and for what period of time.

Health care providers and health care facilities must do their due diligence before choosing the right service provider for a particular piece of medical equipment. One way to narrow down the list of prospective service providers is to ask for references. Getting first-hand knowledge about the service provider directly from their customers may help you to make a more informed decision. Also, schedule a face-to-face meeting with a representative from the service provider and don’t be reluctant to ask some hard-hitting questions. In conclusion, since the medical equipment in question is vital to your business, it is imperative that the equipment receive the best repair and maintenance available at the best price possible.

Jennifer Daugherty is a Business Development Coordinator for The Remi Group LLC, located in Charlotte, N.C. Since 1998, The Remi Group has been providing comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Management Programs (EMMP) to five major market segments: health care, government, education, commercial, and financial.

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