Over 1500 Total Lots Up For Auction at Four Locations - NJ Cleansweep 02/29, TX 03/01, NC 03/05, OH 03/06

Two Hot New Items Just up: VARIAN Clinac 2100/CD, GE 800 T Mammo Unit -- and Just About to Close: GE CT/i CT Scanner

June 07, 2006


No. 2946 : GE CT/i CT Scanner
Bid on a 1998 GE CT/i CT Scanner with a 6.5 mhu Performix tube and a Solid State Highlight detector.

No. 2947 : VARIAN Clinac 2100/CD Linear Accelerator
Bid on a Varian Clinac 2100/CD Linear Accelerator, manufactured in 1994. This accelerator is dual energy, 6 & 18 MV, 5-electron energies, 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18 MeV and more!

No. 2948 : GE 800 T Mammo Unit
Bid on a GE 800 T Mammo manufactured in 1997 and upgraded in 2001 Unit with the accessories shown. This unit passed ACR for use in hospital until 2007.

Don't forget there are 21 GE "Hero Kits" up for auction on DOTmed. If you operate an imaging system made by Philips, Siemens, Picker, ADAC, Fuji or Fischer, you have to take a look at these "time-saving" parts kits which cut down-time to no time at all! "Buy it Now" options have been added for all "Hero Kits" and one miscellaneous parts Auction has just been added that contains almost 2000 parts!

Self-Managed Auctions

Auction No. 2960 : STERIS 3080 RC O/R Table
The Amsco 3080 RC Surgical Table combines innovation and design to create exceptional positioning for patients weighing up to 400 lbs. This is a refurbished OR Table in excellent condition. Hand control not included.

Auction No. 2952 : SIEMENS Breast Array Coil MRI Coil
Siemens Symphony Breast Array Coil manufactured for Siemens by MRI Devices Corporation. Excellent condition. Never used and purchased by us in the original shipping carton. Also will work on the Sonata.

Auction No. 2857 : GE AW Workstation 4.0
Advantage Windows Workstation 4.0. Sun Ultra 60 Creator 3D (Dual LCD Monitor)

Also check out these DOTmed-Managed, Full-service Auctions just posted this week as well:

Auction No. 2958 : SIEMENS Polydorus 80 S Rad/Fluoro Room
Siemens R/F Room, with Pediatric and Adult functions, manufactured 1992. The equipment is installed and operational, is in clinical use and is currently covered by an OEM service contract.

Auction No. 2959 : ROCHE COBAS MIRA PLUS Chemistry Analyzer
The combination of these chemistry testing features has made the COBAS MIRA line of chemistry analyzers the most valued in its class. Setting new standards in chemistry performance, the COBAS MIRAS combines reliability, convenience, flexibility - and now a new level of safety for routine profiles, special chemistries, TDMs, drugs of abuse, STATs and electrolytes.

Auction No. 2951 : COULTER MAX M Hematology Analyzer
MAXM is a reliable benchtop solution for processing mid-size volume workloads. Features include three-dimensional VCS technology, continuous autoloading and easy-to-use data management capabilities.

Auction No. 2928 : HEWLETT PACKARD 1701A EKG Unit
Pagewriter XLi 1700A - no monitor. Excellent working condition.

Auction No. 2930 : HEWLETT PACKARD 1700A EKG Unit
Hewlett Packard Pagewriter with Monitor includes all accessories, manual, cart. Excellent working condition.