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The future of health care with Dr. Daphne Miller

by Nancy Ryerson, Staff Writer | August 26, 2013
From the August 2013 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Med school on the farm
While medical school trains budding doctors well in the art of prescribing or operating, Miller says integrative health ideas don’t generally come up in the classroom. Though medical school itself is too short, she says, and plenty of time does need to be spent learning human pathology and illness-based medicine, space could be made in residency for learning about different approaches to health and healing. “Most people in this country are diagnosis-free, but are not well,” says Miller. “And that’s the piece that needs to be explored — especially in primary care — how do we really help a population maintain optimal wellness?” She suggests that for family medicine residents, for example, time might be better spent working on community-oriented projects than in intensive care units.

Change your words, change the world
Miller says one way to bring the idea of the body as ecosystem into medicine is by changing medical language. “Words that we really don’t use a lot in medicine now, things like diversity, redundancy, variations, those kinds of terms to describe systems, I think are going to start to make their way into the [medical] language too,” she says. “Right now medicine is its own closed language, but I think this new generation of physicians will be a lot more open to thinking this way, and not really trying to just reduce each problem to its lowest common denominator.”

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