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DOTmed Email Bag -- "Watch Out For These Companies!"

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | July 19, 2006
Are you having trouble
with a DOTmed user?
Post your comments in the
Honest & Dishonest Forum!
Last week we reported on the story of "Christy Camp," a wife of Blacklisted user Ted Jeanfreau, who we believe registered under that assumed name so she could act as a 'front' for him.

Several users wrote to us about this person, about other 'shady' characters, and to say "thanks". Before you read their comments, please read the following:

The Honest and Dishonest Forum is for Comments about DOTmed Users
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Users often write to DOTmed requesting information about other users. The Honest & Dishonest Forum is the best place for these requests.

For example, one of our users recently wrote to us by email:
"At this time we are negotiating with a person by the name of Carlos Sanchez the possible purchase of an injector. Please advise your experience & credentials for this person.
Mario, REMS XRay

To obtain a reply to this request, it should be posted in the Honest & Dishonest Forum. Putting your comments in the Forum gives our 70,000 registered users the opportunity to respond and share their experiences.

Please note: The people you are requesting information about understand your need for this information and should not be offended.

Please use the Honest & Dishonest Forum and keep everyone honest.
Thank you,
The DOTmed Team

Now for the comments we received from our users:

Here is what Joe Zaremba, Advanco Medical Systems had to say about a DOTmed user who contacted him:

The user's request:
hi joe, The units are located in Palm Springs, CA. I own the 3 g.e amx ii portables and at the same Hospital they also have 2 g.e amx-3 portables - newer tubes and batteries 1st unit 1987 and 2nd) unit 1986, both unis are in great working condition they also have at the same location a 1996 diasonics synergy / cfm Ultrasound and a 1994 Diasonics spectra plus ultrasound unit. If interested I can send complete details on the units.
I also have located close to the same Hospital is a 4 yr old Kodak Ra 5000, and a Kodak M-35AM processor and a Kodak multi loader 700, If interested Please call me Immediately and I will place a bid and try to Purchase the Equipment for you.

Please Call me in the morning so we can get paid and have the Hospital paid for the equipment and you can pick the equipment up ASAP.
Technical Joint Medical Sales
PH: 601-545-7144
Contact: Christy

Joe's comments:
"This is a copy of a email from alleged person. I have tried to purchase many items from her before(OEC 9000, Philips BV25 and 29,R&F room etc...) but have got either no response from phone calls or really late email replies and always was told sorry they have been sold on other items. She was persistant however on the portable units and even called me back twice to confirm deal. I smelled a rat from the word go."