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6 Questions with Bayland Technologies

| . DOTmed::Language=HASH(0x55c2ef195f78)->translator()->translate(text=>'An Interview with') .qq| Rudy NematZadeh of Bayland Technologies | October 07, 2014

DOTmed: What differentiates you from your competitors?
Bayland is dedicated to providing the best value solutions to health care providers in the digital diagnostic imaging world. In combination with our comprehensive understanding of the needs and technology associated with this field, our dedication makes a real difference to our customers, allowing them to save valuable resources, while also improving the quality of care they provide to their patients.

DOTmed: Give us a snapshot of your business.
Incorporated in 2007, Bayland primarily refurbishes, repairs and sells two lines of products — diagnostic LCD monitors and medical film digitizers — and is one of the largest refurbishers of these types of equipment. Our targeted focus and experience has culminated in an unmatched level of expertise in the market, and, as such, we are able provide the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Our clientele ranges from large medical centers to small teleradiology service providers, as we aim to serve as a long-term partner to radiology professionals, both domestically and throughout the world. As our company has expanded to accommodate the increasing needs of our customers, so has the staff, as we now have over 15 employees and are still continuing to grow as an organization.

DOTmed: What makes you most proud of your company?
Bayland is a company that prides itself on providing the best value solutions, as well products and services of the highest quality. In a time when even health care organizations are financially challenged by the economy, we are able to make a real difference by not only providing more viable and financially attractive alternatives to status quo, but also meeting our clients' needs and exceeding expectations every step of the way.

DOTmed: What new or recent technology is 'hot' in your field?
In the near future, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display technology will revolutionize the digital diagnostic imaging world, as the quality in which images will be reproduced will greatly surpass the capacity of the current LCD technology. This technology will not be available to consumers in health care for several years, but when it is made available professionals in the diagnostic imaging world will quickly flock to it and it will significantly raise the bar in terms of image reproduction quality.

DOTmed: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities that you face?
As a company, we have to stay attune to the pulse of a rapidly changing and demanding industry, as well as remain vigilant in continually improving the quality of products and services we provide, while figuring out how to accomplish our goals in a manner that still enables us to provide the best-value solutions.

DOTmed: What outside forces are affecting your business the most?
The greatest outside force affecting our business is the customer. While having technical expertise is essential, understanding our customers and their concerns is highly prioritized and of great importance, as we aim to provide real solutions to real world needs.

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