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An all-star line-up at MEDICA's sports and medicine conference

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | October 09, 2014
MEDICA is the world's
largest health care
industry trade show
For the second year in a row, MEDICA will be hosting a sports and medicine program as part of its annual trade show. This time around, the name of the game is vital data monitoring, as well as exploring new ways to integrate that data with innovative methods for avoiding injuries and recovering from them when they happen. It's all about improving performances.

The sports and medicine conference will happen over the first half of the MEDICA trade show and will be broken up into four sessions. The first session will take place on Nov. 12th and the remaining three on the 13th, (while the trade show itself extends to the 15th).

The first day will be highlighted by a keynote address from Simon Drabble, senior director of digital sports at Adidas, entitled "Latest Technologies in Sports Performance Monitoring." Drabble's talk will be followed by the first session, which will explore opportunities and risks associated with individual sports data entering the health care system.

Later on, visitors will be invited on a guided tour where they can try out, and get insight into, innovative technologies including the latest wearable technology.

The second day will kick off with a talk from Prof. Jonathan B. Clark, who was medical director of the Red Bull Stratos Project (Felix Baumgartner's record setting 34 mile leap to Earth from the stratosphere), and will also be medical director of the next Mars mission. Clark will set the tone for a day devoted to breakthroughs in physical fitness monitoring.

The second session will feature seven presenters sharing their expertise on how to deal with new findings in health and fitness parameters. The third session, entitled "Personalized Training Programs and Equipment" will return some of the focus to wearables. Among the presenters will be Reimut Hellmerichs of Polar, whose company has paved the way with some new vitals- monitoring wearable technology. The fourth and final session will explore guidelines for physical activity, with some emphasis on monitoring children's fitness and getting the most out of physical activity.

The MEDICA sports and medicine conference aims to serve as an international networking platform that will draw on the expertise of over 30 experts, drivers, and doers from different industries within the realms of health care and sports. MEDICA hopes an opportunity for those people to intermingle with one another - as well as the attending professionals - will generate a creative atmosphere and perhaps a few revolutionary ideas.

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