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Konica Minolta gets FDA clearance for AeroDR XE

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | October 16, 2014
AeroDR XE with grip sheets
Konica Minolta Medical Imaging announced Wednesday that it has received FDA approval for their AeroDR XE wireless imaging panel, a new platform that is designed to withstand the bumpy roads of portable radiology. Weighing only 5.7 pounds and fixed with grip sheets for easy handling, the AeroDR XE is both light-weight enough and portable enough to bring high imaging quality to patients who urgently need it. Konica Minolta hopes that flexibility will allow physicians to make quicker, more confident treatment decisions.

DOTmed spoke to Guillermo Sander, digital radiography senior product manager at Konica Minolta, about the panel. "The AeroDR XE is a simple, reliable and robust solution for imaging in the most demanding environments," said Sander. "It is also the perfect primary imaging solution when examining acutely ill patients at the bedside."

The wireless panel is completely sealed with no external battery and utilizes a simple software interface and a weight-to-load radio of up to 661 pounds. Konica Minolta says it is the easiest radiography panel to handle on the market. The panel is also compatible with any X-ray device by way of AeroSYNC automatic exposure detection, which Sander said eliminates the need for a cable connection between device and generator.

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"Imaging speed is extremely important in the ER/Trauma rooms," said Sander. "With AeroDR XE, you can get exams completed faster with image preview in one second and fully processed images in less than six seconds." The quality of the images is the same as that of the industry leading AeroDR HQ, and packaged with software options that enhance usability.

"The AeroDR XE's rugged design and reliability provide peace of mind, keeping health care providers productive in the most challenging environments. Plus," said Sander, "exceptionally quick access to images helps boost clinical confidence, which is particularly important in critical care situations."

The detective quantum efficiency (DQE) of the AeroDR XE allows for high-resolution imaging with good dose efficiency, while the newly improved lithium ion capacitor can last for 300 images, or a full 8.2 hour shift. The capacitor has a charge and discharge life cycle that is much longer than a lithium ion battery and does not markedly decrease after many years of continuous use.

Besides ER/ICU and bedsides, Konica Minolta says the AeroDR XE may also be suitable for teaching hospitals. A liquid resistant panel reduces the likelihood of damage from fluids, and can be wiped clean after every use. The panel also includes built-in drop sensors which collect ongoing data on panel handling; a feature Sander hopes will help avoid breakdowns, while reducing repair costs and platform downtime.

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