12 ECG units worth $175,000 stolen from Mount Sinai Queens

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 04, 2014
Courtesy of Mount Sinai Health System
About two weeks ago, 12 new GE MAC 5500 HD ECG units were stolen from the Mount Sinai Queens hospital in New York. The units are worth a total of $175,000.

During the time period that the theft took place, the hospital was adding a six story addition and there was also a renovation project underway at their building across the street. Due to that, the ECG units had to be stored in a basement storage area, which doesn't have alarms and cameras.

"Unfortunately, during this window it made it easy for somebody to remove this stuff," Bruce Sackman, senior investigator of audit and compliance at Mount Sinai Health System, told DOTmed News. "What might actually bring attention in a regular work day probably won't bring so much attention when there is a lot of construction going on."

The police are currently conducting an investigation but Sackman said that they haven't come up with anything yet. The hospital is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

This is not the first time something like this happened at Mount Sinai. Last year, two million dollars worth of surgical staples were stolen from their St. Luke's and Roosevelt hospitals over a course of a year. The hospital discovered that the staples were stolen when they realized they were buying them but couldn't find them.

The hospital wasn't able to track down the culprit for that crime but Sackman is hopeful that they will this time. "I'm more optimistic now than I am with the staples because at least we do have serial numbers," he said.

The serial numbers for the units are SKJ14141052PA, SKJ14151204PA, SKJ14151225PA, SKJ14151228PA, SKJ14151243PA, SKJ14151247PA, SKJ14151266PA, SKJ14151271PA, SKJ14161274PA, SKJ14161278PA, SKJ14161279PA and SKJ14161283PA.

If and when they find those responsible for the crime, they will most likely face serious charges. "Somebody got away with a lot, but if they get caught they will be in serious trouble – it's a big theft," said Sackman.

Sackman encourages anyone with information to call 212-731-3640 or 718-490-7288 or email bruce.sackman@mountsinai.org. All of the calls will be kept confidential.

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