Q&A with Jeffrey Bundy

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 06, 2014
Jeffrey Bundy
Siemens Healthcare first introduced the world to their ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound with wireless transducers at the RSNA conference two years ago. A couple weeks ago they released the 3.5 version that features improved needle visualization and a new user interface.

Jeffrey Bundy, CEO of Siemens Healthcare ultrasound, spent some time with DOTmed discussing the benefits, drawbacks and prospects of the technology.

DOTmed: Do you think ultrasounds with wireless transducers are the way of the future or will the traditional ultrasounds remain the go-to systems?

JB:Our ACUSON Freestyle system was initially developed for use in clinical settings where it could offer the greatest advantages, specifically interventional types of procedures in which a cable is cumbersome or can interfere with the sterile field.

In particular we've seen it used in emergency medicine and interventional radiology. Some physicians are starting to use it for guided procedures in MSK as well as interventional cardiology for catheter line placements.

I believe that progression will happen over time but we're currently focused on the advantages the system provides in the interventional setting.

DOTmed: What benefits does this technology bring to physicians?

JB:Ultrasound cables can be cumbersome and heavy and can weigh down the transducer depending upon the orientation. Eliminating the cable makes the transducer easier to maneuver and position.

This also helps during procedures that require a sterile environment. You won't have to worry about sterilizing and covering the transducer cable or keep it from draping through the sterile field.

Another benefit is having the flexibility to place the system out of the way instead of having to position it on either side of the table. In an environment like the interventional suite where space is limited, the ability to eliminate additional cables frees up more space for the physicians to work.

With other ultrasound systems, depending on where the system is located in the room and the number of hands that are involved in the procedure, the person operating they ultrasound system might have one hand on the transducer for scanning and one hand reaching over to the system to adjust settings or capture images.

The ACUSON Freestyle transducer has integrated system controls so that you can run the menu items and change depth and gain from the transducer itself. You can put the system where you want it and it doesn't have to be within hands reach during the procedure.

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