Carestream's new laser imager supports all modalities

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 07, 2014
Carestream's CARESTREAM DRYVIEW 6950
Earlier this week Carestream announced that their new laser imager, CARESTREAM DRYVIEW 6950, is commercially available and will be presented at this year's RSNA conference. The new system is designed to generate high-resolution images for all modalities.

It can support output for CT, MR, CR and DR as well as full-field digital mammography and CR mammography images since it has a maximum film density of 4.0. In order to assist with mammography quality assurance procedures, the system includes key test patterns.

The system has a densitometer built into it to measure and display key film density values. It also has a chest wall detection feature that examines the mammography images, identifies the chest wall edge and adjusts the chest wall so that it's closest to the edge of the film for printing.

It has the ability to print 160 to 250 films each hour, with 650 pixels-per-inch resolution for every size film. It comes with three film supplies, and the film size can be changed by swapping the film cartridge. Each of the cartridges can hold 125 film sheets.

It features a multilingual, touch-screen user interface and a "help interface" that helps to make instruction, operation and user training easier. Carestream also has a Smart Link remote management service to provide users with technical support with their remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions, that can track the status of the laser imagers.

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