Mediproma equips mobile hospital for Ebola efforts in 12 days

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 10, 2014
Courtesy of Mediproma
In 12 days, Mediproma, a used medical equipment company in New Lekkerland, Netherlands, was able to fill a mobile hospital heading to Africa with all of the necessary equipment to assist the fight against Ebola.

Rick Meerkerk, product manager at Mediproma, and his colleagues received the order on Friday, October 24 and needed to complete everything by Tuesday, November 4. They managed to get the job done by working overtime hours and contacting a slew of companies, often through DOTmed.

"We worked a lot of hours in that week with a lot of extra people from our village to get the job done, and we were glad they were willing to help," Meerkerk wrote to DOTmed News.

They were able to gather patient beds, patient monitors, anesthesia equipment, operating tables, surgical lights, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, feed pumps, defibrillators, mattresses, laptops, autoclave materials and special masks.

On Thursday, November 6 the mobile hospital was placed on the Karel Doorman, a ship that belongs to the Dutch Navy, and sent to Africa. "It feels very good because we delivered good equipment to the doctors and nurses to help the patients," wrote Meerkerk.

Rafal Pizon

Great project

November 11, 2014 10:24

I was happy to help! Great job Rick!

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