Carestream enters ultrasound business

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | November 18, 2014
Ultrasound System
Carestream will unveil their first-ever ultrasound, the CARESTREAM Touch Ultrasound System, at this year's RSNA. The company developed the system based on feedback from sonographers and other ultrasound imaging professionals in order to address some of their unmet needs.

"As we've done with our other product introductions, we wanted to build a system that is oriented around the user and is very ergonomic," Andrew J. Hartmann, general manager of global X-ray solutions at Carestream, told DOTmed News.

The system features an all-touch control panel with a soft user interface and tactile feedback. It also has etched marking for the primary controls so that the user can find the key functions without having to look away from the display monitor.

They added intelligence into their transducers so that the user can activate the transducer, call up the procedure and begin the exam without touching the user interface. Hartmann claims that it's the only ultrasound system on the market that "takes that control all the way to the end of the transducer."

"Our philosophy is that you want to eliminate the number of keystrokes and enable the user to intuitively walk up and use the system," he said.

Since the system has a 19-inch touch display, all of the controls can fit on the screen. Hartmann said that other systems on the market require the user to go through a menu to select controls.

The system also includes a sealed panel that makes cleaning easier, high-level computing power, a small and lightweight footprint, an 18-second boot time and easy cart adjustments.

Going forward, Carestream wants to build training and education into the control panel. As musculoskeletal imaging is an emerging technology in the U.S., they are looking to incorporate instructions and videos into the control panel to teach the technologists the new procedure.

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